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Beginning with Volume 40, the Rutgers Computer & Technology Law Journal is proud to offer our publication electronically. Volumes 40.1 and 40.2 are being offered for free in order to preview this exciting new format of the Journal! Follow the instructions below to download each issue in either Kindle (mobi) or epub format.

For Kindle, Kindle Fire, or the Kindle app: The Kindle or mobi format.

Volume 40.1
Volume 40.2
1) Click above to download the file and save it to your desktop.
2) If the app is already present on your device (such as the Kindle-for-PC app free from Amazon), simply double click on the file to open it.
3) If that does not work, move the file to the folder for ebooks used by that device or app. For a traditional Kindle, that just means using USB to attach the device to the computer (where the file has been saved), much like treating the Kindle as an external drive. Locate the folder called Documents within the Kindle. Then sideload (move or copy) the ebook file to that folder.
4) The book will appear in your library like one they have bought via download.

If a user does not own a Kindle or use a Kindle app, and does not want to use the free Kindle app for PC and other devices, there are many Kindle or mobi simulators easily found, free, online. These work fine with a non-DRM’d file. Anything that can read a mobipocket or Kindle-like ebook will open it.


For Nook, Apple, Sony, Nexus, Kobo, and all other formats: The ePUB-format file.

Volume 40.1
Volume 40.2
1) Click above to download the file and save it on your desktop.
2) Simply open the file with the application for reading e-books on your device.

If you wish to support the Journal, Volumes 40.1 and 40.2 are also available for purchase electronically for only 0.99 cents. Please follow the appropriate link below to get your copy.

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